Completed houses as of December 2020

Bebito Home

Silvera Home

Bertrand Home

Leonord Home

Demonus Mitise

Cebien Home

Omas Home


Guiteau Saintilaire

LEGEND: Blue houses were completed in 2019, red houses and blue circle indicate homes completed in 2020.  Click on a blue circle to see some of the homes.

16 Homes completed in 2019

Lidor Dorelian’s House

Dieu-Maitre Home

Jean Pierre Louis

Felix Constant

Jean Eddy Legentus

Victor Dorceus

Madam Chalourde

Macula Guerrier


Sister Caludette

Sanon Home

Verona Home

Desile Home

Selon Home

Lauimentane Home

Laime Home

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