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Special Events



Polo at Hickory Hall Polo Club

When: October 6, 2023

Where: 7551 E 100 N  Whitestown, IN 46075

Details coming soon

When you Give to Zanmi Fondwa you are providing jobs to Haitian families.  Our original goal was to build 40 houses in 3 years.  With the support of all our donors we were able to achieve this goal and now plan to build 60 houses in the next 3 years.  Each person who gives is not only helping the family receiving the home, they help the over 100 families who now receive a steady income working for Zanmi Fondwa.  Please come to our future events and help us continue to impact the community of Fondwa.

Can’t make it?  You can  give here and help us reach our goal to build 60 houses in 3 years.