When you give to Zanmi Fondwa,
you help create family stability.

Zanmi Fondwa is committed to helping families find stability through housing, education and economic development. Your donation not only helps families find good housing, but also provides good jobs to Haitians. Each house project employees 15 Haitians and creates stability in their own homes as well.

Giving Options

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Zamni Fondwa Gifts

Would you like to give a donation that  helps a family in Fondwa?  By contributing the suggested amount below you will help a family realize stability.  Please select an amount below and we will send the item to you representing your contribution. 

Picture Frame - $200

This may just look like a picture frame to you, but it actually represents windows, which will let in light and warmth to a family in Fondwa, Haiti.  When you see this frame, we hope it will remind you to pray for the people of Haiti.

Water Bottle - $150

It isn’t just a water bottle. It is a symbol of a contribution made which will help provide clean, safe water to the people of Fondwa, Haiti.  When you see this bottle, we hope it will remind you to pray for the people of Haiti.

House (stress ball) - $100

A stress ball may or may not help relax you, but what it will do is pay for doors for a home for a family in Fondwa, Haiti, which will certainly help to give them peace of mind. When you see this little house, we hope it will remind you to pray for the people of Haiti.

Concrete Block - $50

Representing the 1,600 blocks per home. It may not look like much, but this cinder block is a seed, which will one day grow to be a home for a family in Fondwa, Haiti.   Generously pray each day for the people of Haiti. Your loving support will bloom into a beautiful life!

Zanmi Fondwa Gifts

Sponsor a House

We know getting to our goal of building 40 homes in 3 years is bold.  To meet this goal, we are looking for partners who are willing to raise their hands and say, "I pledge to raise money for one home and create a second chance for a family."  Once we see your hand up, we will get to work with you and share the needed tools to engage your workplace, church, neighborhood, school...whoever will listen!  
Building stable houses in Fondwa is transforming families and the community.  As you work to create change in a place 1,600 miles away, you will be transformed too.  Contact us to learn more and how to get started. 

Zanmi Fondwa

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